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  Back in 2011, I was preparing my outfit for our creative photo shoot for our year book. I was eyeing for Rihanna’s vibrant red hair and outfit on her music video “What’s My Name?”. Her outfit was easy to achieve but, I had no idea on how to achieve that vibrant red hair. Since then, I’ve been dreaming about having red hair. I started asking few salon professionals as to how I’d be able to achieve that. They told me that my hair has to be bleached. For me, bleaching was scary. Of course, I knew that my parents would not allow me to have my hair bleached since it could damage my hair and plus, I was only 15 years old then. 

     After my graduation last March 2012, we went to the U.S. and got more interested to dye hair. One afternoon, I got my hair dyed at Planet Hair Salon in Fresno, CA. I was expecting a vibrant red color but, I got disappointed. I paid $75 (around PHP 3,000). I thought that it was too expensive for a hair color that can only be visible under the sun.  

   On the plane to Los Angeles, I borrowed my sister’s magazine. There was one advertisement that caught my attention. It was Splat Hair Color’s advertisement. My heart was beating so fast due to excitement. I thought I’d only see Splat Hair Color on magazine but fortunately, we met again in a grocery store. What I did was to buy two washable hair dyes for me to try it on. Few months later, my mother asked our family friend from the U.S. to buy us a Semi-Permanent Hair Dye from Splat. It came to us on December 2012. I hurriedly tried it to see the result. Since I had no guts to dye my whole hair, I only dyed my tips. 

    I posted a picture on my Facebook to see the reactions of my friends. Few got interested and those few people are the ones who made me see the opportunity of selling Splat Hair Color here. 

      January of 2013, I started selling 22 boxes of hair dyes bought from Walgreens.  

With ambition to earn more than what I earned after selling all the 22 boxes, I contacted the company on April 2013. Negotiating with them was really tough. I was rejected at first since they require distributor that has an established company with lots of connections. I was about to stop trying to be a reseller when I was rejected until the Vice President of Vertical Sales & Marketing replied again but to my other email. 


        August of the same year, my stocks straight from the manufacturer arrived. Then and there, I officially started my small online business selling Splat Hair Color. 

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