Is Bleach needed for Splat hair color?

If your hair is brown and you don't want to bleach it, you may use Midnight Collection. It will give tint effect. For vibrant result, use one-color kit or ombré kit, as it already has bleach included.  

For temporary colors like hair chalks and washables/1 wash, it can be used on black hair. No need to bleach your hair. 

Where to pay?

BDO/METROBANK/BPI (Bank Deposit or Online Transfer)

REMITTANCE CENTER (Western Union, Palawan Express, etc) will be handled by my cousin. +Php 20 on your total.

PAYPAL (You may request to pay thru Paypal with additional charge of Php 100)

Do you give discounts on bulk orders?

Yes, please contact us at heybeyph@yahoo.com

Are your products cruelty-free and vegan?

Yes, except Nerdwax since it's made out beeswax, makes it not vegan. 

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