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Travel Size


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Snout Soother
* Soothes and heals dry noses – fast!
* Treats dogs suffering from hyperkeratosis
* Provides a natural SPF


Paw Soother
* Soothes and heals dry, rough paw pads & elbows – fast!
* Best used before bedtime when the body goes into regeneration mode
* Great for agility training
* Despite what some people may think, paws are not meant to be rough. Dogs were meant to be walking through nature – but concrete sidewalks and pavement have caused them to dry out and become rough. Dry paw pads actually cause dogs to be more prone to injury, cracking and slipping. Healthy paws are supposed to be hydrated, spongy and flexible...which allows dogs to get a better grip!


* Protect paw pads from the elements: Hot pavement / cement / asphalt / gravel / sand, salt, snow, and ice.
* Provides a nourishing barrier to guard the skin while locking in moisture
* Best used before going outdoors
* Great for agility training


Skin Soother
* A natural antibiotic topical treatment for: cuts, rashes, abrasions, burns, surgical wounds, hot spots, bug bites, infections and dry, itchy and irritated skin
* Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and yeast fighting
* Soothing, speeds recovery and reduces scarring


Wrinkle Balm
* A patented balm for treating & preventing skin fold disease, infection and discomfort
* Gentle enough to use on sensitive areas such as around the face
* Prevents yeast & bacterial infections, funky odor and crusty buildup
* Great for using all over the body, especially deep creases and tail pockets

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