Last February, I was thinking of what to register as my business name. I'm really fond of rhyming words so I decided to think of a word that rhymes with HEY. Eventually, I came up with BEY then I made it as an acronym for Box with Everything Yours.


       I've been seeing a lot of subscription boxes in the US, that's why I got inspired to make my own. Initially, I asked my sister to make the logo then I designed my own box last May 2017. Fortunately, I got them on the same month.

        Hey Bey aims to deliver full-sized products that you will surely love to try, at discounted price. If you will review the products that you got, you can be featured on this website plus you can get your own coupon code for yourself and your followers. Use #Heybeyph on social media or email your product reviews at!


Any personal information you provide to HEY BEY PH will be solely for use with regards to our transaction with you as our  customer;  and will not be sold, given or otherwise provided to any other business or individual.

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